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“I was so pleased with the work that RTD Windows done for me that I highly recommend them to everyone.   I honestly have never had anyone do any cleaning for me, I have always cleaned everything myself.   However I just got married and moved into my husbands house, the house that he had been a bachelor in for several years.  Don’t get me wrong he is an excellent cleaner except just not the windows, I don’t believe they had ever been touched.  I knew they needed to be cleaned desperately but I was dreading doing it.   RTD Windows was at my neighbors and I asked for a price quote and it was so reasonable that I couldn’t turn it down.  They were actually able to do the work after they finished next door. They were so through and even redone a few if it wasn’t to their standards.  I have been telling all of our family and friends on how polite and wonderful workers these gentleman were.   I will definitely be using them in the future and you should too!”
Stephanie Kuerzi